Mixdown hangs on Ipad Mini

I use an Ipad mini and I purchased Cubasis 2 hours ago. I have a project started but now I have problems mixing down my stuff. Everything worked fine up to 10 minutes ago. Before that I succesfully made 4 mixdowns of bass made with Micrologue, both to wave and flac.

Right now I have two audio tracks with and 1 Micrologue track. I have muted the two audio tracks and I am trying to mixdown just the part I’ve done with the synth. No matter what format I chose I get hangs.

I’ve tried closing all programs In taskbar including Cubasis, and I’ve even restarted my Ipad but no fix yet.

I didn’t find this in the known issues topic.

I discovered something just now.

When I uncheck the “Include effect tail” box, mixdown doesn’t hang.
With this box checked, mixdown hangs instantly.

Did I miss something? Is Cubasis meant behave this way?


no Cubasis is not meant to behave in this way. I gave it a short try and Mixdown worked as expected. Could you send us your project so that we can reproduce your issue in-house? You could also provide a step-by-step description to reproduce your issue.

Kind regards,