Mixdown is out of sync


When i mixdown my tracks all the tracks are not synced together , nothing seems right!!
What is happening and what would be the solution?

Awaitaing your reply


Hi Samer,

Without knowing the details about your project and/or other instruments or effects in use, please try if these steps help to solve the issue:

  • Set Hardware latency (Setup/Audio) to 256
  • Give the iPad a full restart and try again

If not, please provide us with more details in order to support you.

Please find the details how to report a Cubasis problem right here:


I copied and paste my tracks to another session and itcwirked fine

Ps: i am having many errors ( damaged files) with this update !!

Please provide us with exact steps how to repro the errors and/or damaged files at our end.
That’s the only way we can evaluate and provide fixes.