Mixdown Issue


I’m really new to Cubase but my job with it has an immediate question. I’m having a little problem with mixing down which I’m sure is really common. I’m using Eastwest Hollywood Symphony, and a few seconds into the track some loud drums enter. In the mixdown–NOT in the editor–as soon as the drums enter the whole track drops in volume (becomes more muted).

How do I prevent this sort of thing? I have a feeling this is a common issue and probably a beginner’s error.


Not sure what you mean by “NOT in the editor” Are you saying this happens on a mix that has been exported?
Can Cubase playback in the project window without doing this?

Is there any clipping of your meters? do you have any plugs on the stereo bus? do you have control room active? Do you have any plugs in Control room? What o/s and Cubase version are you using? What are you playing back with when you hear the problem?

I found out that it just seems to depend on what media player I use for the WAV file. And for some reason, it doesn’t use a few that I tend to use on Linux, like Banshee, but works on VLC media player.

Hm :confused:

Sounds like you probably have some form of “enhancements” switched on those media players.