Mixdown issue


Perhaps someone experienced similar and can share?!

I am mixing down a song. Inside the project all sounds as expected - bo problem.

Once mixed down, I open it in adobe audition and find out that there is a GAP in the phrase on one of the voices which was on the separate track. I’ve checked everything several times in different places and could not find any errors, gaps that would cause this phenomen.

Now, the last attempt was to just slice that phraze out and bounce abd replace it.
After that, all mixed down hjust fine.

My guess it has to do with files that nuendo create that for some reason during mixdown become unavailable and that’s how that gap formed.

What do you think?

If the problem is a file that’s bad then if you export more than once you should probably expect to see the exact same problem in the exact same place every time. So I would start by trying that.

As I said in my post:

While in the project - no problem
When exporting 30 sec (that spot) - no problem
When exporting the whole thing - gap appears in tge same spot every export.

Bounced and replaced that 30 sec segment - problem gone.

What was that?