Mixdown missing tracks that are record enabled?

Is this a new problem, or am i losing it?
I go to mixdown, but the vocal, say, is missing because the track is record enabled (or monitor enabled?) or something.
I mean, it makes sense…
Wait, perhaps this has to do with the way I have the monitoring section set (tape-style, i think)… and that is fairly new for me.
Maybe i just solved my own problem?
I’ll post this anyway.

yes, when playback is paused, the MONITOR-enable button turns on for the selected track… (in, I think it’s called, “tape-style” monitoring)
Monitor-enabled tracks are not part of the mixdown.
So, if the mixdown is NOT done in “real-time” mode, but rather in offline mode (whatever it’s called), then playback never starts and the selected track stays monitor-enabled and ends up missing from the mix.
However, if the mixdown is done in REAL-TIME, playback starts and disarms the monitor-enable button. The track is printed to the mixdown file.

Is this not a bug?
I only want MUTED tracks to not show up on my mixdowns.

Yeah, just need to make sure record enable isn’t on when exporting. I’ve made that mistake many times…

Hi there

My solution to this was to setup a macro that turns all record enables off and then launches the export dialogue.

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Thanks Dave! I now have a reason to delve into macros.

Thanks Jimmy. Yeah, I guess it’s just audio tracks that suffer from this problem. So in the key commands section I see where there’s the ability to deactivate record-enable for all audio tracks.