Mixdown Not Loud Enough

Seems to be the case with every iOS DAW, including Garageband. I swap mixes with a buddy who uses Logic on Mac. All his fancy mastering plugins aside, why is Cubasis mixdown a good notch lower in volume? Any way to boost it without blowing out levels, especially drums? The limiter plugin helps hold down the spikes but ultimately the mixer stereo output just can’t cope, even with other instruments not peaking, I have to bring the output level down - 8db to keep it from peaking.

because it cost a fraction of good vst compressor plug in ?

ok bad jokes aside,
for example: a brickwall limiter has a look-ahead function. if you want to catch up with the loudness and levels of a real daw, you should use bus compressors . but there are no buses in cubasis. maybe exporting to auria and mixing there. or use audiobus and a mastering app for mixdown?


exporting the mixdown wav and reimporting it to a new project helped a lot. probably 20% louder. the brickwall kinda squishes everything down, haven’t figured out what’s best yet, but it seems to involve individual track adjustments of the compressor and limiter. come on, is there really a mastering app? what’s closest thing to waves or ozone that interapps with cubasis?

The app called “audio mastering”
But i dont own this app.
Im mastering my songs in my studio with other tools.


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