Mixdown to FlAC32bit issue

I have a problem of exporting to FLAC audio file into 32bit format,. In the Nuendo 12
audio mixdown menu i can just choose upto 24bit for FLAC mixdown, the 32bit and 64 bit selection is grey out and can’t chhose. How I can exprt to Flac file to 32bits, thanks

Flac does not (yet) support 32bit iirc

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Hi @Lohangchi0505,

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what you describe seems to be the same as in Cubase Pro 12.
This is what the FLAC track export parameter menu bit depth looks like:

As far as I understand it, FLAC is said to theoretically allow…

  • linear PCM resolutions from anything between 4 bits to 32 bits (no floating point samples!),
  • sample rates from 1 Hz to 655.350 KHz (in 1 Hz increments), and
  • up to 8 channels,

…but - as of now - there doesn’t seem to be a working FLAC encoder version available which actually does encode / decode 32 bits (as our forum colleague @klfnk2020 correctly says).


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Support for 32-bit integer is extremely rare in most stuff as it is seen as not very useful. FP is a different story (because of processing) but FLAC isn’t intended as n intermediate format.

Is there a particular reason you’d like to use 32-bit int FLACs?

That changed recently.

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Hi @stingray,

great find, thank you very much for taking an even closer look!

That’s good news, and I’ve even read most of that website yesterday (the FAQ).
But of course (as in “Of course!”) I didn’t read the main page’s 3rd entry about the release of the FLAC version 1.40 in Sept. 2022, I’d only read the upper two entries (versions 1.41, 1.42).

Perhaps I should immediately return my “Sherlock Holmes of the year 2023:male_detective: trophy… :wink: :innocent: :smile:

let’s see when all of the latest FLAC version’s capabilities will also become part of Cubase / Nuendo / Wavelab. Right now, Cubase Pro 12 and Dorico (Pro, Elements, SE) 5 use libFLAC 1.3.3., and WaveLab Pro 11.2 uses libFLAC 1.3.0:

[-Cubase Pro 12-]

[-WaveLab Pro 11.2-]

I also checked the fre:ac website, it already has the latest FLAC version 1.42 with it.

[fre:ac (free audio converter) - Downloads (v. 1.1.7)]



Perhaps the thread starter @Lohangchi0505 can give you the “Solution” mark for finding the definite answer?

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Yes great thanks so much.

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got it thanks.

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