mixdown with send effects

I wish I know how to mixdown my 5 midi tracks with its send effect , is it possible straight way ?
Because when i listen to the wav file after mix down it doesn’t keep the sound with the reverb as send effect… :frowning:

You have to include the FX channel track that the reverb is on in the mixdown.

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I already done this way but it doesn’t work…
From the five track project only the global mix
Consider the effect the other separate tracks doesn’t …
Any clues ?

You want to end up with five separate audio files, each containing a single instrument + reverb?

Several ways to do it, but in the end the easiest way is probably to do five normal mixdowns where you solo each instrument in turn.

Otherwise, you need to either
-copy the reverb you use to the insert points of the instrument tracks and set the balance with the mix parameter
-make five separate fx tracks and five group tracks, route each instrument and it’s corresponding fx track to a group track and do a batch export of the five group tracks.

batch export will export each track separately, including any groups etc. this may do what you want

Hello Thank You for all of Your mails,
What I wish to do is :
-Doing a song with Five midi tracks
-As I want deep and close effect, I add 1group fx reverb with send so all the tracks are going to this track
-But when I mixdown only the FX track , of course , have the close/far effect the 5 tracks are dry…
Do I have to put this effect in each track ?
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You can use all three of the methods I suggested to obtain largely the same end result.
The first example is the fastest if you don’t need to do a lot of different test exports, and if you want to tweak the caracter of the reverb you only need to do it once and it will affect all tracks.

The second one will give you quieter tracks and it’s not all too easy to translate the send level in dBs to a precentage ratio, but it’s a cleaner setup compared to the next since you still have only five tracks to manage instead of fifteen.
If you want to alter the reverb you need to do it on one reverb insert and then copy it to the others.

The third is probably best practice if you need to mixdown your tracks multiple times, since it keeps the send layout. You still need to copy any altered reverb insert from that fx channel to the others with this method.

A clarification, the first example needs to be done by a normal mixdown while the two others are for batch export.