Mixdown wonkiness - Cubase adding extra music at the end

Hi friends, latest grievance with Cubase 7 for Mac (7.07):

When I do an MP3 audio export mix down, Cubase is adding a chunk of extra music at the end of the file (about 2 bars or so). Have no idea why this is happening. Please help.

Can you provide a repro that reliably does this, or is it only with a specific project of yours?

Hi, it is necessary to set the left and right locator. Sorry if this sounds trivial, but it is the most frequent reason of failing exports.

Cheers, Ernst

Are you using the arranger track? This has happened to me but the situation was, for example:

Section A - Section B - Section C - Section D (linearly defined)

The arranger track was set to A - B - D (intentionally skipping C). When I exported I got the correct arrangement but then it started to replay A at the end of the song to make up for the “lost time” defined within the locators.

L and R locators are set fine

Not using arranger


Does NOT do this when saving as a WAVE, only when saving as an MP3