Mixed Audio Signals to Sends?

Right now I have a setup that two different audio tracks to one FX channel. If there is an audio signal coming from both tracks, they will mix together when it gets to the sent to the FX channel. Is there any way that the FX channel can interpret them as separate tracks/signals so they don’t mix together (or some other configuration with other types of tracks) without having to create duplicate FX channels or audio tracks?


I’m trying to add distortion onto both but it distorts the notes together. I used to just use insert effects for each track but I would eventually add more tracks, using a lot of CPU power. What I’m doing now is just smaller scale of what I plan on doing later.
Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be extremely appreciated

still not quite clear on what you’re trying to achieve?

This is an example:

Each track plays 1 note
For this setup, the signals from both tracks are interpreted by the send effect and 1 signal, the two mixed together as though I played a chord, which sounds like this:

What I’m trying to do is keep each track having 2 separate channel signals/notes, so in the end, it would ultimately sound like this (before panning):

It sounds fine if I have a signal on one track but if there is audio on both tracks at the same time, it is distorted together

Just realized I forgot to say in the first post, distortion comes from both fx tracks, both fx tracks are routed to both audio tracks

You want both guitar notes to be sent to a guitar amp sim but be panned separately?

Two amp sims actually, but yes. Right now I’m just focused on getting those notes separated. But if they can be panned at the same time, even better


Try This.

Instead of using sends (switch them off) put your amp sim into an insert of a group channel, then set the instrument channel outputs to the new group channel. All the signal will now be sent to the FX without any bleed from the original channels and you can also use the channel panning to separate the sounds (if the FX is a true stereo plugin)


Ah… two amp sims.

That will only work with one amp sim, there is a way to do similar with two.

In fact if you use your original setup but set the sends to pre fader then turn the channel faders down all the way that would work but without the panning, I don’t think your version of cubase supports send panning.

If you want the panning option you would have to use my first setup, but create another group channel and use the second send with its routing set to the input of the second group.

Many producers use two or more different amp/cabs/tones combined into one for something better or more unique. This is essentially what I am trying to recreate in Cubase by using two different amp sims sent to one audio track, then duplicated to add other parts such as rhythm vs lead. To reiterate: it’s like having two guitars (tracks) plugged into two identical amps (lets imagine the combined tones are just one amp; the fx tracks) but playing two different notes.
Sorry to say that the last post didn’t help but for the record, sends can pan in this version of cubase :wink:

Thats what I described in my post, each track will got to both sims.

The problem with the way you are doing it is that you are also getting the original guitar tracks in the sound as well!

Or I’m totally misunderstanding you!

No, that seems about right… Maybe I’m just misunderstanding you :frowning:
What did you mean by ‘original guitar tracks’? If you mean the dry signal, that has been muted with the fader all the way down and it still doesn’t help

Ok, just so I am making everything 100% clear and understandable…

Going back to my original setup, because none of the others worked:
There are two audio tracks, identical to each other in every way
Their faders are set to -∞
Their output is set to “No Bus”
They have 1 insert, just used for compression/noise gating
No EQing
2 sends at 0 with pre fader on, respectively named “FX1” and “FX2”

“FX1” is a FX track and has one amp sim, with its out put to “Stereo Out”
“FX2” is another FX track and has different amp sim, with its output to “Stereo Out”
All tracks (audio and FX) are set to center pan for now

Remember, the original audio tracks have both FX tracks sent to them:

         FX1 (send)
Track 1
         FX2 (send)

         FX1 (send)
Track 2
         FX2 (send)

What is happening is the signals from Track 1 and Track 2 are being mixed together when it reaches the FX tracks. It’s as though 2 guitars playing two different notes are plugged into the same amp (Each guitar plays one note: the amp hears it like a chord from one guitar)
What should be happening is that the signals from Track 1 and Track 2 don’t mix together into one, like two guitars are plugged into two different amps
After that’s all figured out, I will move on to having four audio tracks panned like so: two 75% left, two 75% right
(the two mono track idea is just an example)

Does that clear things up?

Send one will see guitar 1 and 2
Send two will see guitar 1 and 2

Amp sim 1 will see guitar 1 and 2
Amp sim 2 will see guitar 1 and 2

What you are doing is combining the inputs, thus the signals are getting mixed pre amp sim.
I think what you are after is to have the two guitars to be mixed post amp sim?
The results of each method are not the same, and would explain the problem.
The only way to achieve that is to have two amp sims per guitar, thus back to your original problem of resources.

Does that make more sense?

Yes that does and I knew the reason for the problem, I just didn’t know a way around it other than using more CPU, which I would rather not do

Well apart from rendering each guitar as you go then I don’t think there is.

:frowning: That’s what I was afraid of

Thats what you get for wanting two guitar amps per string :laughing:

Pure Metal :mrgreen: