Mixed drums to midi

Hi, first time, long time…

I’m going through old demos from 30-years ago. Some are muddy, some have separate mixed drum tracks. What i want to do is to take the mixed drum tracks and find the bass drum, snare drum and if possible cymbals and get the midi hits. I want to get the midi to sync the hits and to boost with a vst. Is it possible to with some automation look for maybe frequencies and make it into midi-notes. Of course the demos are a bit of beat, so making this by hand is a pain… :slight_smile: Got Cubase pro 12.

You can try working with Spectralayers One on the audio.

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Not exactly what you want, but if the goal is to sonically improve stereo drum recordings, have a look at Fuse Audio Labs | Audio Plugins and Mobile Audio Apps DrumsSSX. It’s surprisingly good at remixing stereo drum tracks. It might also be possible to extract trigger tracks for further processing from the plugin, but I’m not sure…

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Or toontrack sd3 which can create midi from drum tracks but not cheap if that’s all you want it for. I think Steven skate dies one as well

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Make copies of the mixed drum track in Cubase (perhaps mixing to mono), apply a filter to each track to isolate the frequency range of each hit, then create hitpoints on each filtered track and convert to MIDI.

Works pretty well on kick and snare, but hi-hats and anything beyond that can be problematic.

There’s a small fortune to be made by whoever creates a plugin to do this first.


XLN Addictive Trigger is good.
Also, Drumagog

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Big thanks for all the answers! Addictive trigger seem to have a trial version, so i think ill start there first if it works for my muddy demos. I’ve been checking out Superior drummer, but it’s a bit overkill for my needs for now. Is it the same technique behind the capturing between AD-Trigger and SD?

@MrSoundman will for sure try that. Kicks and snares will go a long way to make it better.

@steve i will check it out. It seems like a real interesting tool, and i found one video with Beat Deconstruction that might be something. The demo i have to work with is way muddier than the clean sound on that video. Maybe possible to clean up with the tool?