Mixed Fonts in Project or FLow Titles

Is there any way to control the fonts of individual characters in Project or Flow titles? You can always do this in text but I can’t see any way to do this within a single token.

Within a single token, no. You could put multiple tokens side by side e.g.
{@projectTitle@} {@projectDedication@} {@projectLyricist@)

(That’s supposed to be bold followed by italic followed by regular, but the forum software seems to be cleverer than me.)

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I often do things like that to make the typography a bit more baroque. Keep in mind that despite their pre-specified names, you can populate the tokens with whatever you want, then format them individually. So, for example, if you want to emphasize a composer’s last name, you could do something like this:
Project composer: Wolfgang Amadeus
Project arranger: Mozart
and then put the {@projectArranger@} token in bold, or a bigger point size or whatever. It’s exceedingly rare that you’ll need all the tokens for their designated purpose in the same project, so just pick one that you’re not using.

Thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately, neither of these will work for me as I want to change the font of a single character in the middle of the project name (don’t ask. . . .)

Even then, you could appropriate two other tokens in orther to make this work.

But I’m going to ask nonetheless, what specifically are you trying to accomplish? If it’s a single obscure character that you need to pull from a different font, maybe just use that other font for the whole title, otherwise it’ll look janky no matter what.
EDIT: and when the title really needs some unusual formatting, you can always just hard-code it into the master pages, bypassing the tokens altogether.

VERY belated response here - this was an obscure one off situation. As you suggested, I just hard coded the thing.