Mixed Libraries - Intonation problems

I’m using Spitfire Solo Strings and East-West Hollywood Strings libraries in the same project. When the string quartet overlaps or answers the string section, they sound somewhat out of tune. When I test the pitches against a tuner, EW seems a bit flat. I should be able to correct it using Play. The question is, is it common to have intonation issues when mixing libraries. I would think that 440 was the same regardless of where you record it. That be the case, do I need to tune my ensemble when building my project.

Has anyone else had this experience. If so, how did you handle it?

Thank you


I wouldn’t expect this. Could you try to Render in Place both libraries and use VariAudio, what does it say? Use the same note (a1 for example) for both libraries, to be able to compare.

I’m new to VariAudio. What I’m find on-line shows using it for pitch correction of audio signals. I’m working with MIDI. Can you direct me to information specific to working with MIDI signals?

Martin suggested you do a mixdown of each example to audio, and then compare the two audio files in the editor.

But I was thinking that there’s something different going on that doesn’t have much to do with midi or VSTs.

String instruments are very rich in overtones- the barely audible harmonics that give character to the tone. When two sounds play together whose overtone makeup is different, i.e., whose different overtones in the series are louder or softer than the other instrument, it’s possible they will sound out of tune, even though the fundamental pitches are the same. (consider the very lowest notes on the piano) Live string players, e.g., like myself, adjust automatically- you might even say subconsciously, so this is not a problem in the real world.

But, in the Virtual Studio Technology world, content is designed with a certain sound in mind, so one library’s overtone makeup being different makes matching libraries of string instruments more subtle.