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This is my first post and sadly, it’s not a positive one. I purchased the Guitar Recording Kit from Steinberg. It came with a bunch of download codes and I accidentally redeemed the wrong software (AI instead of Artist 10.5) and activated it before realising I had messed up. I can’t recall the last time I did something this stupid however I must say I find it very odd that this kit comes with multiple Cubase codes. Honestly, I find it confusing and mind boggling such a mistake is possible to be made when buying expensive products like these.

I had no luck trying to fix this. I requested help via the form in MySteinberg. I read the support is pretty slow so that got me worried. That’s why I’m posting this and I also mailed the vendor (Thomann) .

Is there any way I can get my AI license cancelled so I can use it to activate the correct software? Has anyone had this happen before?

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If you have activated your license already, I’m afraid it’s not possible to return it.

Btw, when you activate the license, the eLCC application shows the license/application name clearly.

For you, the cheapest way is to buy an upgrade from AI to Artist, now. Be aware, you also have to have the USB-eLicenser, if you don’t have any.

hi Patrick - are you not able to redeem the other codes AS WELL ? Or is it a case of when you register one then the others become invalid ?

you can have multiple versions of the software registered to your account.

I would keep asking via MySteinberg - yes they are very, very slow (usually) but are good at sorting out licensing issues. I suspect Thomann won’t be able to do anything - although you may be eligible for a return/refund as German law is pretty good in that regards.

Hello there!

Thanks for the replies. For some reason there’s no way I can redeem the other codes. I have no clue why. As for any response from Steinberg: none so far.

does it give an error when you try to redeem the other codes ?


Yes, about a third through the process with the dongle it cuts out and says:
“The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license. Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code.”

But, come to think of it, I never used that particular activation code before. The one I used for AI was another one:
AI activation = 0240 xxxx 91EC
10.5 activation = 0240 xxxx 893F

Both download access codes are obviously different too… When I startup eLCC it shows the full license for Artist 11 (not 10.5!) on the dongle and AI on the SeL. I ran Artist 11 but that didn’t work either…

ok so it seems that you have successfully redeemed BOTH codes :slight_smile:
can you run eLCC and make sure you have registered EVERYTHING at MySteinberg…it’s a menu option.

Then log in to MySteinberg as a double check…:slight_smile:

Let me know exactly what is registered and on what dongle /SeL

then we’ll work out why it doesn’t work.

Okay, I registered via the eLCC menu option. On MySteinberg it shows this:
USB-eLicenser: Cubase Artist 11
Soft-eLicenser: Cubase AI

Tried starting up Artist 11 just now, crashes on the intro screen right where it says “Initialising eLC” in the left bottom. However, it starts up when the dongle is connected…

Excuse my ignorance, the last time I used Cubase was a version I got with a practise amp and it required no dongle to run the software. Not sure which version it was,- some base version of 6 perhaps - but I’m guessing today’s versions only work with the dongle constantly connected?

Yes, Cubase Artist 11 needs the dongle connected to work. Although it shouldn’t crash it should give a warning message and exit.

So are we saying you are all set ?

Hmm… Seems I got a free upgrade to Artist 11. How did that happen!? Even though I might have to buy a USB hub some day soon, I’m a happy camper!

Off to revoke my support ticket with MySteinberg.

Thanks for the help!

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the Guitar Recording Kit comes with Artist 11 - so you got what you paid for.

Don’t forget about Helix Native too…which is great :slight_smile:

Apparently, now it does! When I ordered it I read a package content sheet somewhere that said it comes with Artist 10.5 which made sense to me. I mean, not only does the download access code say 10.5 but Cubase Artist 11 alone sets you back €330 and this kit is €350. That’s €20 well spent!

Steinberg always give you the latest version of the software when you register :+1:

and I paid quite a lot for Helix Native too !


…when you activate the license, not register. :wink:

indeed :slight_smile:

and Steinberg wonder why people get confused…activation code, download code - to generate an activation code…manual registering at MySteinberg…multiple codes…codes that give you different versions of the software…software elicenser that only works for certain products, a downloader that doesn’t know what you have installed and what you have downloaded and a support system that ignores users

This thread is a classic example

Haha, it certainly is very confusing!

Why bother giving a software license for AI when the Guitar Recording Kit is specifically designed to sell Artist in combination with other products? … Is it because the UR22C is sold with a free AI license and Steinberg decided not to repackage the content and reprint the manuals? Because I can see why they wouldn’t want to do that as it’s probably a lot of work and creates more variables in the vending process. However I do recall the hardware licenser for Artist being in the UR22C box, so that makes no sense! Anyway, I am happy that I can record on the go if I ever forget to bring my hardware licenser on the road, so… Props to Steinberg I guess!

Another thing, if Steinberg always gives you the lastest software version of the product in a kit, wouldn’t it be better for the download access code to directly go to that latest software version? I got directed to 10.5, had I been directed to 11 instead then this thread wouldn’t have existed!

Confusing, to say the least. But in the end, I’m very happy to finally have an up-to-date DAW again. I got tired of not being able to use 64-bit plugins!

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please post back if you have any other issues :slight_smile: I think you’ll find it much improved if you haven’t used it since the 32bit days. Although some of the same bugs remains, just to make you feel at home :smiley: