Mixer: assign the same output to several channels simultaneously

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Before I start writing my fingers out looking for the right term in the Cubase help, I’d like to ask which shortcut I need, when I want to route several channels to a group channel in the mixer.

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(Cubase Pro 12 on MacOS 13.5)

First select several tracks, then use whatever Windows “ALT” corresponds to on OSX (“Option” I think) along with the “Shift” key - then choose the destination path on one of the tracks and they should all route to the same place.

You can do the same for other things as well, for example toggling solo or mute on selected tracks - just press Alt/Option and Shift and then click on the desired button.

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The corresponding help page:

If it’s any use to you, here is a full walkthrough of almost all mixer functions (for Nuendo but also applies to Cubase)… It was originally a live stream so a little long, but all chapters are marked so you can skip to the relevant section.

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Hi Phil,
thanks a lot! This is very helpful!

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Haha, you are most welcome, at least it may have helped you sleep. :slight_smile: :rofl: