Mixer channel insert issue

I have a weird issue, possibly a bug

Yesterday I loaded a project from cubase 11 into 12 and on some of the channels, the inerted plugins is grayed and non working

Some channels are virtual instruments and one is a group channel

Im on OS X catalina on a mac mini 2012

Im not 100 its a bug, as it could be the projekt that’s flawed

But when I import the tracks the issue comes along


Could you please attach a screenshot?

Constrained delay compensation? That would be the first place I would check.

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It’s not that, other projects are fine :slight_smile:

Where is your setting? Constrain delay compensation? Which value is it set too?

They look like just turned off? What happens if you click on “e” of the insert slot 4 - Cloner? Does the GUI open up?

No, there is no response at all :grinning:

It’s 0.0


The Constrain Delay Compensation button (switcher) is at the bottom of the Project window. Could you please show the Transport bar of the Project window?

I fail to find that


Click the Window Layout icon and enable the Transport Panel, please.

You can also show the button for “constrain delay compensation” by right clicking in the top icon bar:

The button should be gray, as in the screenshot. If it is orange, it is active and plugins can be disabled, depending on their latency

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All Right That fixed the problem