Mixer channel Meters / gain staging

I cannot seem to find any where in the manual, so be great to grab some help please…

the metering that is on every single channel of the mixer, basically where the channel fader is (be it audio of send etc) is the numbering showing DBFS please? the one that goes from 6 down to infinity

or DB or LUFS now?

and is it RMS or peak? (still getting my head around all of this for gain staging)

and do i need to worry about where these signals are RMS wise or is it just the master buss i really need to be concerned with reading around -18 LUFS RMS


it’s peak dBFS (overs up to the 2bus are covered by the 32fp architecture).

It is a real shame there is no option to show rms meters as peak is of limited use

Of little importance. One should be mixing with the ears and not with the eyes.