Mixer channel names disappeared

Yesterday I had channel names of all mixer windows disappearing completely for the first time during work on a surround film music. Looked strange and I had to quit and restart Nunedo 6.0.6 to get them back.
(OSX 10.8.4, MacPro HexCore, three monitors)

I see this every day but all I have to do is close and reopen the mixer to get the names back. Annoying.

Same issue here (Win7 pro 64).

There is now a reset menu item (alt+right click I think) on the mixer. It works without having to resort to killing prefs or restarting.

Same issue here. As Dog and Pony said you can simply close then re-open the mixer as a temporary band-aid, or reset the mixer as JM said- no restarting necessary. I’m sure it will be fixed in the next update.

This happened to me today latest version of 8, did we ever figure out why this happens?

Wow, the same problem is still around Cubase 10.