Mixer Configurations: Should recall the vertical sizing of the fader section seeing as it recalls which racks are open

To me, it doesn’t make much sense that Mixer Configurations will recall which Racks (inserts, sends, cues, direct outs, etc) are open or closed, but not the vertical sizing of the faders and track pictures.

For me, if I were to get specific with my mixer Configurations in terms of which racks are visible, and in addition to that, which are open/closed, I would also want to be able to recall appropriate fader/track picture vertical sizing that compliments the racks.


I see now there is this option menu in the top right, so added to this menu should be:
-Link Vertical Fader Section Size to Configurations
-Link Track Picture Size to Configurations
-Link Channel Width to Configurations

all as separate options


Including things like the Meter Bridge.

But, now I’m thinking, maybe all this stuff should be a separate Configurations protocol?

Should we separate Mixer Channel Visibility Configurations, and Mixer Rack and Utilities Configurations?

I was just thinking the same thing and visited the forum to see if anyone else had written about this. Very good idea.

Great minds think alike