Mixer Console: assigned shortcut key works strange

Cubase 7.0.3
Platform: PC
OS: Windows 7 64
CPU/Computer model: Intel Core 2 Duo
eLCC / LCC: eLicenser Control Center (eLCC)
Clock speed: Intel Core 2 6600 2.4GHz
RAM (GB): 8
Audio Hardware/Driver version: PreSonus AudioBox 1818 VSL / V1.2
MIDI Interface/Driver version: PreSonus AudioBox 1818 VSL / V1.2

In Cubase up to V6.5.3 I used to have the Escape-Key assigned to reset the meters peak values.
This worked fine for all meters in Mix Console, VST-Dynamics and Channel Parameters Edit.

With Cubase V7.0.3 the Escape-Key first closes another window of the project before it resets the meters when it is hit a 2nd time.

To reproduce:

  1. Open a project with audio track and Mixer Console open
  2. Assign the keyboard shortcut ESCAPE to Mixer:Meter Reset
  3. Add VST-Dynamics to inserts
  4. Open it to view parameters
  5. Click to select Mixer Console
  6. Press the Escape key
  7. The VST-Dynamics window closes
  8. Press the Escape key again
  9. The meters in the Mixer Console are reset

If I assign VST-Dynamics as insert to my Stereo Out then the Escape key always just resets the meters as desired and known from V6.5.3 and earlier. The VST-Dynamics windows remains opened.

If I assign Multiscope as insert then the behaviour is the same for Audio Tracks and Stereo Out.

Escape is closing plugin GUIs now. Strange that it’s available for custom keycommands anyway.

There are more keyco quirks in Cubase 7 btw, some of them really annoying.