Mixer consumes CPU

Every time I open the mixer, the CPU usage for Dorico goes up 20%, causing all my noisy fans to turn on. This seems unnecessary–why does the mixer do anything when the user is not clicking or dragging in the panel?

Note that I can’t search for previous posts about similar topics, because the forum blocks searching on common words like “mixer”, even if I include other words in the search. This is certainly a mistake and should be corrected.

Do you find that the CPU continues to stay at a higher consumption after the Mixer window has been shown, or does it spike and then settle back down again? I suspect that the higher CPU consumption is caused by servicing the timers that are used to update the VU meters and other controls in the Mixer, and high CPU use is in itself also not a problem. For what it’s worth on my Mac, showing the Mixer does cause an initial CPU spike, but then it settles down to the same nominal idle value as before.