Mixer Effects Set Up


Sorry if this seems a very basic question, I’m new and struggling.

I’m writing some reggae dub, and Im struggling to set up my effects and mixers in the right way. This article from Sound on Sound sums up what Im trying to do:

"This technique is a classic example of using equipment in ways it wasn’t designed to be used! Set up an auxiliary send on your desk, and route it to a delay unit. Set the delay time to about 0.7 seconds and turn the feedback up until each repeat is heard four or five times. Route the output signal from the delay unit back to the desk on a full stereo channel (or a pair of mono channels) that has an aux send on it, rather than on dedicated effect return inputs, which do not always have auxiliaries.

Play back a sequence or a bit of a recording, turn up the aux send, and you’ll hear some delays and echoes developing, just as you would when using delay in any mixing session. Now here is the trick: gradually turn up the aux send on the return channel(s), so that you’re sending the returned signal from the delay unit back to its own input. As you turn up the aux send, listen out for an increase in the feedback level. When you hear the echoes picking up, mute the source channel to avoid interfering with your process. Finally, try playing about with the aux send pot on the return channel and see how every move up or down affects the feedback. It’s quite easy to lose momentum, but practice will help. It’s a bit like trying to keep the engine of an old car going just after you start it in the morning on a winter’s day — you need to adjust the accelerator to prevent stalling! "

Ive searched for help - but Im totally stuck.

Can anyone post some step by step (idiot) instructions to help me.

Many thanks