Mixer fader dB scale issue

Currently the Mixer fader dB scale is very unusable, as the volume drop is very rapid from -0 dB to -10dB because of poor scaling in the fader: moving the slider down 1/8th of whole fader scale drops the channel volume to 1/10 of its value (-10dB).

Mixer fader scale needs reworking to have more preceise volume control in sound levels 0 dB to -15 dB.

Usually fader scales use much more fader scale (or “length”) in the first 10 dB of downwards, check the image attached.

… the shift modifier in combination mouse moving for fine tuning is missing. We’ll add it. That should help.

See you

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Yess! Would be nice addition :slight_smile:

That’ll do some, especially for setting volumes when not live, but it doesn’t help when you have mapped volume controls to MIDI controller physical faders.

In live it doesn’t make much sense to use both hands for fine tuning volumes.

Currently about half of the scale of faders is totally wasted, because most of the fader volume controlling is done between 0dB to -20dB most of the time (personally). Furhermore, practically it really doesn’t matter if your volume is -30 dB or -70dB (or minus infinite).

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We’re talking here about proper logarithmic output response to movement of the fader, across its length of travel.

Calibration should be easy to test/measure by using a (free.?) signal generator VST, whilst adjusting the position of the fader accordingly.

I’d agree with the important point made above about using the app in a live situation with one hand, using MIDI controller physical faders.

Nicely put the whole idea into single expression :slight_smile:

Good point, but this brought into my mind that also volume meter naturally has the same “scale” because it is integrated into fader. If calibrating, then you would need an external volume meter.

Maybe the big question here is that is there any standard or official recommendations for dB scaling for sound volume meters / fader dB scales?

… good points! We’ll work something out. Just give us a bit,