Mixer faders soft takeover.. generic remote?

Possible? Where you have to pass thru current value to pick up any change?

I have made an iPad midi designer template that has 64 buttons to select mixer channel and a channel strip with Vader that controls whatever track is selected. Have been unable to get soft takeover to work.

I could probably make the template have an encoder knob instead, but just wondering if soft takeover works with mixer faders.

This feature is neither available directly in the ‘Device setup’ window, nor documented.

BUT, there is a workaround…

  1. Open with a text editor (i.e., notepad) your generic remote file definition (which is an .xml one, that should have been saved with the ‘Export’ button of the ‘Device setup’ window).
  2. To each and every control for which you would like to have soft takeover, in its dedicated line starting with , add the value 8 to the one already existing. In example, if you have a control named ‘K 09 (B1)’ in your Generic Remote definition, edit its line :

K 09 (B1)1767521271
to get this one :

K 09 (B1)1767521279

Make the same editing for all the controllers involved.

  1. Save and close the file and restart Cubase : soft takeover should now be working for the choosed controllers.

Don’t ask me why this isn’t directly available in the ‘Device setup’ window and not documented. I’m now waiting for an answer from Steiny about this, after the feature request made here : http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=182&t=49470.

Great thanks much for the information…

I’m glad this info is starting to flow :slight_smile:

Btw, since you said you’re using an iPad app, it is highly likely it supports midi receive.
In the generic remote, instead of the soft-takeover workaround, try to enable the “transmit” flag for all the controls. It will make Cubase send its values to your controller and update the display there.

I’m glad to say that it’s starting to flow thanks to you, Soul-Burn (from the infos you brought in here : http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=181&t=47494). Should have precise it in my previous post… :sunglasses:

Does anyone know how to enable catch mode (Steinberg’s lingo) for a Mackie Control device in Cubase where there is no function to export and modify an XML file as shown here?

Catch mode is where the software value doesn’t change until the hardware control reaches it’s value. I’m trying to turn this on for use with an M-Audio CTRL49. Thanks.

This is exactly what they explained above^

I’m absoloutely blown away by this - This makes mixing / editing so much easier. I can’t believe it worked! How on earth did you even figure this out? I can’t thank you enough! It’s obvious people are still looking for this, 5 years later. Cubase has now ‘added’ (unhidden) the feature in newer versions (starting in cubase 7 I think). I’m still stuck on cubase 5, and well, the option is hidden.

Again, I’m blown away by this because it really really really enhances the value/feature of midi controller I just bought. Amazing.