Mixer focus for external controllers

I was wondering if you could change the focus from the main mixer to mixer two or 3 to focus your external controller in my case Avid S1


No, sorry this is not possible. Any Remote Device is always linked with MixConsole 1.

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Hi Martin,

is possible to cycle visible tracks on mixer 1 via my connected Avid S1s? I push buttons and Mixer 1 is still in last state. It moves only when I touch fader on S1. Thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum,

What do you mean by cycle, please?

When I switch Bank on S1 it switches bank only on surface not on mixer in Cubase. I need to follow surface faders on Mixer 1 in Cubase. Is it possible? Thanks


Thank you for the explanation. I’m sorry, I don’t own S1 and I don’t know its exact implementation to Cubase. It’s using EuCon component made by Avid.