mixer functionality/customization

Hi, would it be possible to allow the users to assign a shortcut to (de)activate/bypass insert slots (for example control + left click slot)? I also find it a bit of a hassle to clear a single insert slot (remove loaded plugin/‘no effect’): I always have to scroll to the top of the list of plugins to be able to select ‘no effect’.

I did find out that it is possible to clear all insert slots on a track by right-clicking in an empty part of the track, which is VERY handy!

It would also be nice to be able to ALT+drag send slots in the same way that we can do with inserts.

I am still searching how to colour-code a selection of multiple tracks in the mixer. Since we don’t have the colour tool available in the mixer, this seems impossible at the moment and all I can do is change the track’s colour one by one.

Another function I dearly miss is the possibility to change the track order from within the mixer. It would be great if we could left-click and drag/drop tracks. For example: I have some kick layers on adjacent tracks, I create a group track for these tracks. As it is now, the track always appears to the far right of the mixer. I then have to go to the arrangement page to re-locate the group track. In the mixer, I like to have my group tracks right next to the tracks feeding it…

And last but not least: can we please have a similar function in the mixer like shift+scroll wheel in the project page, to navigate left-right? I know this is already possible when you have the cursor over the navigation bar in the bottom of the mixer, but it would be SO nice to be able to do it wherever your cursor is.