Mixer functions and shortcuts available in Project window


Would love to have the mixer functions available in project window on right click:

  • Group channels to selected channels
  • VCA faders to selceted channels

It would enhance the workflow alot, so you dont have to open mixer for all the click-saving tasks.

This is so REASONABLE ! Please Steinberg include these in project windows.

Now it is:

  1. I like to group channels - go to mixer, select channels, right click “Group channel to selected channels”
  2. go to project window, open group folder, move group channel to position after last grouped channel, remove group folder
  3. optionally - make group channel colour same as last selected channel

Should be:

  1. select channels on project window, right click “Group channel to selected channels”

And thats it !

Result: after last selected channel on the project window is group channel with colour like last selected channel.


In fact all such functionality available in the mixer, should also be available in the project window

Search your key commands; they added them.

Good point outloaf. Ill check