Mixer GUI channel separation (See proposed fix)

Issue: The Nuendo 13 mixer is a bit of an eye-strain when trying to scan between channels.

Cause: I believe having the individual fader and meter bars separated into two sections makes them appear as two channels.

Solution: Remove the separator between the fader and meter. (See before and after shots below). Thanks.

Nuendo 13 mixer (today)

Nuendo 13 mixer (proposed fix)


And that the faders are located closer to the neighboring meter than to its own… has always puzzled me (ever since Cubase 7)

Your idea will better show the connection between the meter and fader. And will give better visuals, less clutter, and a better seperation between the channels… All for it :slight_smile:

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Very good suggestions. I’m trying to use N13 but the Mixconsole is a strain as you say. There are some nice things though like the new Channel section on the left of the Project Window - very useful, and generally navigating around seems more stable than N12.

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What you propose is a great improvement!
Well done.

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Absolutely love this suggestion. Makes a HUGE difference. Simple, but HUGE! Thank you :+1:

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I also agree with the suggestion.

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