Mixer improvements

i upgraded vom version 6 to 8.5 and noticed following features i am missing (sorry but i am used to the german version, so i dont always know how to translate the features i am missing).

  • Bring back the unlock checkbox for the workspaces

In version 6 i could unlock the workspaces, so that all changes in one workspace got automatically restored after switching to another one and back. this is special annoying when i use for example “kontakt” from native instrument. after each workspace switching, it jumps back to the page 1 and scrolls up, so i have to do clicks and scrolling each time. this was not the case with version 6.

  • Make groups-folders, or at least the VCA groups collapsable/expandable

i would be a good idea to be able to collapse all grouped (or selected) channels with a single click, so that they act like a VCA group, just with hidden sup-tracks. for example instead many tracks for a drumkit inside a group track, after collapsing you only would see one track, and can fade it just as if it would be a VCA group. i know its possible to hide all tracks with the visability tool, and only show the VCA track, but if you add a + or - symbol for collapsing or expanding the selected or grouped tracks, the same could be done with only one click.

  • Enable to change the order of the tracks without limitation

Right now it is possible to move all tracks in the arrange window to any place. It is for example possible to move a VST instrument track to an group-track containing audio tracks. But once this is done, those tracks dont have the same order in the mixer. The VST track is not next to the audio track inside the the visability tool window.

Here an example: I have a cubase project with drums played with a software sampler, as well as audio percussion tracks. I would like to treat all drums and percussions as one instrument, and be able to hide or show them all in one click. Unfortunately this is not possible, because the VST drums and the audio ones, are not inside the single group in the visability tool window.

And apart from the visabiltiy problem, i dont like it that my VST drums and my audio percussion are not next to each other in the mixer.

  • Change the order of the tracks within the mixer

When i want for example to move a violin track, next to a trumpet track, i have to go to the arrangement window and move it there, to be able to see those tracks next to each other inside the mixer. it would be much more easy if i could move those tracks inside the mixer to any place i want.