Mixer in the lower region?


I’d like to open the mixer in the lower region and see inserts, sends and track info just like when opening the mixer in another window. Is that possible? How to set it up?

Not sure if this is possible, on the other hand, having all these elements in a “small” portion of the screen might defeat its original purpose. I think the lower region is for fast handling versus the complete one we get while in separate windows.

Having said that, you can always toggle through mixer volume/pan, inserts and sends by using the buttons on the left side of the region:


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Cool thanks. That will keep me going! My main monitor is 43" so I would have room to show a complete mixer, but this will work ok. Many thanks!

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Since you have a big screen, you can always arrange the windows in a comfortable way and save this layout as a template for your next session.

Here’s an example on my laptop’s 17" screen just to show what I mean:

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