Mixer issue - Random Channel/Instrument routing

Hi guys,

I hope i’ll be clear (english is not my language…)

Here is the problem, step by step :

1 - I create an instrument, let’s say a violin.
I assign it to Channel 1, VST 1.
The violin apears in the mixer as “Instrument”.
Great !

2 - I create a second one, let’s say a flute.
I assign it to Channel 2, VST 1.
The flute apears in the mixer as “Instrument” as well.
Great too ! (so… where is the problem? Well, here we go)

3 - I create a third one, a cello (or anything you want).
I assign it to Channel 3, VST 1.
But this time, the cello DOES NOT apear in the mixer (it’s only visible as a midi entry). It is routed on the violin “Instrument” (Channel 1).

3 Instruments (“true” ones)
3 Channels
2 routed together
1 routed alone

And this continues and seams to be random (except if the instruments are assigned to a new VST, in that case, the new instruments are visible in the mixer as they should).

And i can’t understand why ???
And it seams to be impossible to change and fix that weird assignment once it’s automatically done (or i miss the trick, wich is why i post here:)
And it turns me crazy !

Has anyone the same problem?
Is that a bug?
I’m i doing something wrong?
Is there a logic here i don’t see?

Last precision : The playback is not affected. It works and plays fine each instrument. BUT… that becomes a challenge tho to configure reverbs or equalize volumes, for instance, because of that magical thing, if i need to set up different reverbs for each block (strings, winds, etc). Not quite easy to do when half of the brass live their own lives without my consent, and the bass strings has decided to fool around with there woodwinds fellows.

I have the feeling i’ve tried everything, but… If anyone has an idea to fix that, or at least to help me to understand why this happens, that would make my day !

Thanks to all,
Have a nice day.

PS : I use Dorico Elements 4

Welcome to the forum, Olivier.

Which VST plug-in are you using? Does it provide multiple audio outputs?