Mixer issue with Kontakt player in Dorico 3

Hi! I´m having problems using Kontakt in Dorico 3. I´ve tried inserting Kontakt (running Sonusscore The Orchestra)in two ways. 1. Loading ONE instance of Kontakt, wich in turn runs five channels of Sonuscore. 2. Running 5 copies of Kontakt with different MIDI channels. Either way only one channel gives any response in the mixer. Am I doing anything wrong or is the mixer malfunctioning. What do you suggest? /fransmo

Do you have Kontakt set up to send multiple outputs on different channels to the Dorico Mixer? I know it’s possible to have multiple Garritan instruments set up on a multi-output Aria player but still be sending everything out on channels 1 & 2 if not careful. In that case, the Dorico Mixer only sees the composite Aria output on channels 1 & 2. I am pretty sure a similarly multi-channel output is possible on Kontakt, but it has to be explicitly set up.

Thanks for answering, I am afraid I dont know how to do this in Kontakt player per se, but there is a setting where you choose port and midi channel which I use but it only come out through one channel in the mixer anyway!

You should be using the multi-output version of the Kontakt plug-in in order to have finer control in Dorico’s Mixer.

This might be a good place to start understanding multi-output in Kontakt even though the instructor uses Cubase as its eventual goal. Sorry that you’ll probably need to reset the link at the start of the video.

Setting the MIDI port and channel has no relation to which output channel plays the audio. That’s something that you have to change from the internal routing within Kontakt.