Mixer Left and Right Scroll - Cubase 11

I know its been mentioned for older versions of Cubase, but here we go for Cubase 11:

I think it would be a great option to allow for scrolling left and right in the mixer view by holding “Shift+scroll.” Every other DAW does it and it would be beneficial for a few reasons:

  1. Increase workflow speed.

  2. Anyone shopping for a new DAW or checking out Cubase will expect a simple feature like that to be the case, considering every other DAW and video editing software has a variation of this key command. Its annoying at best and a vibe killer when in the zone at worst.

  3. It would be faster at getting me to the other plugins and make adjustments.

If I’m trying to find an EQ or something on my main vocal and wanna jump over the my mix bus to make an adjustment, I can’t just pop a button and scroll, I gotta move the mouse down to the “okay” zones and scroll, and then make my adjustment, move back down, and over and over. Its so much faster and it wouldn’t be an intrusive addition either. Even if it were a menu option you could enable so people who have been using Cubase for the past 8 years wouldn’t be affected.

It’s just weird that it isn’t an option considering its so normal in today’s software pool.

Hopefully this can get some votes because I think Cubase would benefit from it and more people would participate in the DAW if when they try it out, it does simple things like window scrolling like other softwares they’re using.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful 2021!

Happy new year buddy.
Exactly! when I bought Cubase I found everything that the other DAWs lack but the simple stuff like this one are missing and it’s frustrating.

I guess mainstream composers like hans zimmer don’t use the mixer, since they have their own private mixing engineers who use Protools. :joy:

Trust me buddy Steinberg don’t care. Anybody who disagrees with me, bring me the list of stuff that you asked for and got solved :stuck_out_tongue: This is cubase 11 the bug was reported in cubase 10 and it’s still there :man_shrugging: look at the output fader and the group fader.
Link to bug on youtube: https://youtu.be/rflcWw4gizs

You can scroll left and right in the mixer by using the scroll wheel alone… IF you place the mouse cursor over one of the meter areas, at the area right above the name field, or the area with the 4 buttons for Read, Write, Monitor and Record (or the scroll bar at the bottom).

PS. It is a bit fiddly, and one must be careful NOT to place the cursor on the fader area (which then will move the fader).

That said, they could make it possible from more parts of the mixer, but I think their “focusing system” make this complicated.

PS. I think the mixer is one of the worst implemented parts of Cubase… Personally I am waiting for the possibility to move the channels within the mixer…

I’ve found that the space between the Channels in the Middle and Right Zones is a good place to scroll from. It’s fairly large and always in the same place on my display because the Right Zone is a fixed size. It took awhile to train myself to always move there for scrolling, but it is a habit now which makes it fast. One trick to making it habitual was to force myself to stop if I began scrolling from a different location.

That said it really should be much easier.

Yes… I also use the space between the middle and right zone for this purpose (I have always at least my main out placed at the right).
If one use to park some channels to the right in the mixer this is absolutely the area with the largest space available to do your scrolling.