Mixer MIDI channels disconnected?

Some MIDI channels in the mixer seem to have disconnected from the project and have no effect. When playing, the faders don’t affect volume, and the initial CC7 value isn’t sent (which is why I discovered this). And, the channel labels have a gray background:

I don’t know how/when the channels were changed/created/etc.

Any ideas how to fix this? I read something about reapplying a performance template to fix other issues, but I’d be concerned about losing info.

Thanks a lot!

Typically faders are grey when the instrument to which they correspond is not present in the layout you’re currently looking at. Are you currently working on the full score layout?

Yes, full score layout. Thanks!

Can you attach the project itself? If you’re worried about sharing incomplete or unfinished music, it should be fine if you delete all but, say, the first bar of the flow before you provide the project here.

Ok, here’s the project:
MIDI Channel Test.dorico (955.6 KB)

Thanks again!

Did you previously have a different instance of VE Pro or another virtual instrument configured with this project prior to the current configuration? It looks like those faders might be left over from an earlier configuration in the project.

If you’ve set up a playback template that you can reapply, then I would advise you do that; however, if you configured this project by hand, then you should probably live with these grey faders unless you are relying on them in some way for some particular effect in VE Pro.

Yes. I started with the concert band template, which I think was set up with HALion VSTs. I forget how I went about switching to the VE instances; I deleted and/or changed VST rack slots in some order I don’t recall. I notice now that the VST instruments are numbered 2-6, with 1 absent. Maybe that’s related…

I found a workaround which is to set CC7 to 100 in the Inits of all the Expression Maps, so everything matches. I don’t need the faders in the project, so I’m ok for this.

I would, however, like to use a copy of the file as a template for future band pieces, which I’d like to work properly. I’m configuring everything by hand, so what would be the best way to preserve that work while resetting things? I don’t mind redoing the Endpoint Setups if necessary. It’s the various maps, techniques, and options which need to be saved (with of course the non-playback items).


#1 is the Beep/Metronome playback device.
Player VST’s start with #2.

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@Derrek Ah, ok. Thanks!

My recommendation would be to create a playback template that uses your various saved endpoint configurations (perhaps along with a fallback of HALion Sonic SE for any instruments not covered by your VSL setup), then apply that to your project, which should clear down the project setup altogether and reapply it. But I would suggest doing that only with a copy of the project before you save it as a project template, so you can be sure everything is in order without upsetting the work you’ve done in your current project.


Great, will do. Many thanks!