Mixer Mute and Solo Not Working

I’m using Dorico Pro 2.2.10 on Windows 10

The mixer solo and mute buttons are not working for me at all. If I solo an instrument, the solo button turns red and all the other instrument mute buttons light up. However, on playback all instruments are muted. Conversely, if I mute an instrument, the mute button lights up and all other instruments remain off but all instruments sound including the muted instrument.

I should mention, in case it make any difference, that I’m using the ARIA Player with GO5.

This does not seem to have been mentioned recently so I’m wondering if anyone else is finding this or if it is just on my system?


Stop Press … I may have found the cause … will reply again in a short while.

My apologies, it’s user error.

After reloading a playback template to refresh the end-point list in a previous post, I reloaded the ARIA Player Multi in the VST panel and forgot to set the channels.

The solo and mute are now both working perfectly.