Mixer mute/solo issues

Hello everybody,
I am experiencing numerous issues when activating the mute/solo buttons in the mixer.
Sometimes the mixer looses the instruments’ sounds and I need to restart and do the Play>Load Sounds For Unassigned Instruments several times.
Sometimes the mixer doesn’t play the instruments that are soloed. Sometimes the mixer plays instruments that are muted.

Right now, I just restarted Dorico twice and click on Play>Load Sounds For Unassigned Instruments but I get no sound for my violas when it was working fine 15 minutes ago…

Is it a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?
The solo/mute options of the mixer is such an important feature especially when working on an orchestra score.
thanks for your help
Mac OSX 10.11.6 - Dorico

It certainly sounds like it could be a bug, Florent, though I’m afraid it’s not one that we are presently aware of. If you’re able to reproduce the problem reliably, please zip up and attach your project here so we can take a look and see if we can figure out what might be going wrong.

thanks for your quick reply Daniel.
Here is my file (attached). And here are the steps that I am able to reproduce:

  • open the file and start playback at around bar #49 (letter D)
  • stop playback
  • in the mixer, click on solo for the bass and cello tracks (HSSE 16 D.B. and HSSE 15 Vc.) and play from the same location. On my system the other instruments are still playing.
  • stop playback, uncheck solo for the bass and cello, and playback from the same location. On my system no sounds are playing anymore and I need to restart Dorico and do the Play>Load Sounds For Unassigned Instruments several times to get the sounds back.

Dorico is so good though! thanks for your great work!!
kindest regards,

there is a max 2Mo on this forum and my file is 7Mo
I’ve put it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9792374/ShatteredGlass-08.dorico.zip

I can indeed reproduce the problem with the solo buttons in the Mixer apparently not working correctly in your project. This must be a bug of some kind – I will ask Paul to take a look when he has the chance.

thank you very much, I really appreciate.
I’m working with the volume sliders instead and they are working fine.

It looks like the option “Load Sounds For Unassigned Instruments” resets only the mixer’s GUI but not its actual settings.
Give this a try:
1/ bring an instrument’s volume down to zero in the mixer
2/ click on Play > Play>Load Sounds For Unassigned Instruments
3/ the volume is reset to 50% in the mixer, but the instrument is still muted

it could be one of the reasons why I “lost” a few instruments in my project

Has something happened here? I saw the post was from december and I am having the same problem now in february. Next update perhaps?

Yes, we made some fixes in that area. Will come out with the 1.0.30 soon. We wanted to have it out already, but some showstopper bugs are holding us up.