Mixer [no slugish, no zoom issues, clear, fast workflow]


Can we go to that way ? I dont need a zooming feature, big “teletubbie” size faders and meters, microscopic knobs on strip. I need something like this:


Big screen, 27 inches, many plugins and fast.


are you kidding? mix console in PT is absolutely atrocious.
have you ever used it?

I’m afraid not. I think this is atrocious:


and this:


I know that is Cubase 7.0.0 version. But it look similiar in 7.0.4. Please look at these wide meters and faders. Come on. That is “absolutely atrocious”. Why are you need that wide channels ? Because you can’t read plugin name with them narrow (like “UAD SP…r”). Slow, slugish, feels like I’m working with an old computer. Sorry, but sometimes I give up and thinking about another DAW.

I agree with the post in some ways.

In cubase, they clearly attempted this layout of mixer with insert/send above the mixer. I don’t think they really succeeding in bring that well at least IMO, I always find myself mixing with the mixer in a minimal setting personally because to show all the info doesn’t work well in Cubase.

In Cubase 7, the mixer ‘upper half’ still suffers in this area I think. Maybe I just haven’t set it up properly yet though…

To have a view with easy access to all plugins and sends without the need to micro-manage windows is a concern.

I just want both the upper half and lower half of the mixer to look good, not just the lower half. Again I’m still new know there are some nice custom setups that can be done, like analogue look.

I just want to see 8 inserts and 8 sends all at once on each track with a minimal layout. PT in that example does it well.

once I got used to the C7 mix console, I found it incredibly powerful. in the next years, I bet other DAWs will come out with something similar to what we have in C7.

sure it can be improved, but it is already way better than every other mix console out there (and I tried a few of them…). also the zoom function which you don’t need, I find it very useful: consider that many studios now use wide HD TVs as monitors, placed at a couple of meters or more from the desk…and I can assure you that in these cases the zoom function is very useful (and I am not even talking about the full scalable mixer…).

And this is close to my heart beat. I need IN, OUT, gain, phase 180, inserts, sends, panorama, fader, name. If I want more I click “E” button…Just like in 6.5 mixer but visible inserts and sends same time.

I see. I’m using Dell 27" - 2560x1440 now. I sitting 1 meter from it. And…what a lost of screen space in 7.0.4 mixconsole :frowning:

In 7.0.3 was little better:


If they change mixer to PT-like, I want my money back, that is the most shitiest mixer I´ve ever used… Harder to use and looks like crap, for long run not so good to eyes.
Sooo -1