Mixer not staying full screen on second display

Hey all,

anyone else using a second screen for the mixer ?

I got this issue where it doesn’t stay full screen…used to work fine on 7.5…


Cubase pro 8.0.5

Hi there

Yes occasionally I’ll open a new project and the mixer won’t be maximised on the second screen, not a problem to just maximise it. It is however a problem that shouldn’t be there, one of those I would guess to do with the new window organising in C8. At a guess these little things will get sorted in the next update or two.

Best Regards


Hi Dave thanks for your kind reply :slight_smile:

Yes I hope this will be fixed, it’s ok when you only have to maximise once, but sometimes I have to minimize the mixer for other reasons and I’d like it to come back to full screen when I click back on it after that…anyway let’s wait and see if 8.0.10 fixes this.

Best :slight_smile: