mixer not working as expected


I’m having trouble with the mixer not working as it should.

I have 2 copies of the same project (an older, out-of-date version and the current version that I’m working on). The mixer works correctly on the older version but not the new.

During playback of the newer file only the first channel and the Output channel show movement in the green channel meter. I can hear all instruments, most of them show no channel meter movement. And when I use the volume slider or mute button on the first channel it affects the volume of all instruments - as if it’s another master output mixer. The output channel controller seems to work ok, but the reverb mixer is not working.

I’ve attached some images: mixer, Halion, and endpoints.

Does anyone know how to fix, or reset? Is there a trouble-shooting video or blog post I can work through? I’m struggling to find anything.


Yes, the output assignment of HALion got messed up. Not a problem of Dorico but of HALion. HALion has 16 virtual output, one for each of the 16 slots, but now all your slots are set up to play out via the first output. Open the HALion GUI and on the Mixer Tab on the right side it says Main now for all slots. Change that accordingly to the slot number.

Thanks Ulf - that’s done the trick!