Mixer outputs with multiple midi ports

I’m writing a piece for double choir using EW Hollywood Choirs via VEPro. My VEPro setup is Sop 1 (midi port 1), Alto 1 (midi port 2) etc. using 8 ports total (the word builder versions require an entire port per voice). I have Sops/Altos etc routed to 4 busses each outputting to Out 1&2/3&4 etc. for a total of 4 outputs.

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 8.14.35 AM

Now, in Dorico, I have the endpoint setup (I believe correctly):

8-ports, 16-channels each and I specified exactly 4 audio outs to show in the mixer. As you can see from the screen grab, only 1 channel is available in the mixer. The strange thing is I hear all voices so Dorico is mixing down (or summing) the 4 channels from VEPro somewhere.

It’s not make-or-break to be able to mix inside of Dorico with VEPro being so powerful, but I’m curious what the issue is.

Any clues?


Scratch the above… showing “Unused” in the mixer exposes the 3 others.

Why are they “Unused” when they are clearly being used?

Dorico can’t “see” inside VE Pro to know what routing is really set up. All it knows is how many outputs there are. You’ll need to examine the routing within VE Pro and then set the appropriate number of outputs to show in Endpoint Setup in Dorico. You can rename outputs in the Mixer by double-clicking them and typing a new name.