Mixer problems, render glitches, slow meters

Cubase 9.5…

I’ve been experiencing recurring issues with the mixer. On playback on some projects, but not all the time, the mixer fader meters are very slow, jerky and laggy. The mixer view does not render and display correctly. You can see it redrawing thte screen but it’s garbled graphics, elements of different fader lanes mixed with another.

It shows a view of the faders at a certain position along the fader rack but you can then see it visibly redrawing as its playing back.

If you try to change something before you realize it’s doing it, the wrong track gets affected. Then the mixer just keeps doing it and becomes unusable. You can see the mixer redrawing and the mixer looks “corrupted”. It become unresponsive. I have to exit Cubase altogether and restart it.

It happens regularly on projects and I’ve had to back-track on the times when a change has been applied to the wrong plug in or fader etc.

It’s not showing up the changes it’s applied wrongly in the mixer history.

I was recently trying to a/b a plug-in on playback. I bypassed it but as soon as I did, I noticed it was not right as the mixer display had become corrupted and I could see the redraw. I discovered a few moments later (by playing back again) that the click had turned off bypass on a limiter on the master fader (right at the other end of the fader panel). There’s clearly an issue here but I can’t work like this, it’s happening at unpredictable times almost every day now.

This is a new install and I have the latest updates and drivers.

I do not know if this is a bug, but it looks like one. In any event, I need a fix if I’m to be able to keep using 9.5.

I had something similar with some older projects created in pre Cubase 8 versions. I’d drag a channel slider in the mixer and it would jump to another channel. So without noticing it I was changing the volume of another track. Very annoying! After the latest updates I didn’t experience it anymore. However, I’ve never seen the corruption like you describe? It almost sounds like like some sort of driver/hardware conflict or maybe even memory corruption? Is it only happening with older projects or also with new ones?

Hi, no I don’t know how to reproduce it… I’ve not seen a pattern, other than it seems to happen after I’ve been working on a project for an hour or so in a session. But it doesn’t happen every session or all the time or just on specific projects. It’s only on the mixer (I think). The project window seems fine, and everything outside of Cubase is definitely functioning and on-screen ok.

The CPU usage is fine, and I can do other things outside of Cubase when it happens (open other apps etc) and there’s no lag or problems. It definitely seems to be within Cubase/Cubase-specific. The mixer history gets messed-up too.

What you described is exactly what I experinced on the fader, but, as you say, with the other issue too.

I’ve not had it myself on 8.5 or 9, just on 9.5.

I’ve attached an image showing some of the problems

And these are video links showing some of the issues




Did you ever figure this out? I have the same issues in Nuendo 8.2. I use the F3 key to bring up the mixer and hide the mixer. If I move around in the project window and then open the mixer, I often will adjust something only to find I’m not even on that channel. I’ve had to start moving the bottom scroll bar every time I open the mixer so it can refresh the display to show the correct channel. I have a Nvidia 1050 graphics card. That should not be a source of troubles. It a very strange problem and a real drag when I’m working fast.