Mixer racks issue with Eucontrol

EDIT: Solved, sort of…(See reply)

I have some unwanted behaviour in the Nuendo mixer when using Eucon (with Avid Control app on iPad):

When I have the “insert”-rack closed in the mixer, and I select a random mixer channel, the insert rack opens up. When I close the rack and select another channel the insert rack opens up again. Even when all the rack types are hidden, the insert rack shows up again when I start selecting channels.

When I turn off Eucontrol (or close the Avid control app on iPad) this behaviour stops. I find it anoying and I’m wondering if there is a setting somewhere to disable this.

Check out the video to see what I mean:

I think I found the solution: In the Eucontrol settings I have to disable “Attention most recently selected track (legacy)”. By unchecking this item the behaviour seems to stop.

The only downside to unchecking “Attention most recently selected track (legacy)” is that this makes it not possible to use the controls on the “Channel” page in the Avid control app, not allowing you to edit plugin settings, eq, panning etc. from the Avid control app. Only by checking the “ Attention most recently… ” option enables this possibility, but THAT creates the opening of the insert rack as described in my first post. :confused:

Try to untick “workstation tracks knob set changes” in Eucon preferenced.


Yes, that seems to do the trick! Thank you for your advice!