Mixer scrollbar disappears always after loading a project?

Windows 7 Ultimate x64, NVIDIA GT640, latest driver - Version 347.25, Cubase PRO 8.0.5
Windows 8.1 x64 DELL Laptop. NVIDIA

1920 x1080 Full HD.

Mixer scrollbar disappears always after loading a project?
Closing the Mixer with help of F3 and re-open the MIXER again with help of F3 fix the issue always.
I added pictures of the issue.

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I just want to add it happens in a dual monitor setup!
I posted my post in “Issues report” but I have no idea why it get directed here in Miscellaneous instead?

Still same issues in 8.0.10 maintenance update

Close and reopen the mixer after loading project fix the issue

And confirmed on a new Windows 8.1x64 DELL laptop too. Why are Steinberg aint listening and moved it to Misc?
I take my time adding reports to help Steinberg solve issues and then later on you just get ignored?

How hard can it be to try out?

  1. Look at the picture!
  2. Save your project with an ----> open mixer page. (Don´t even need to be physical dual monitor view setup)
  3. Close Cubase
  4. Load the same project and check the mixer view that comes up besides the project in the taskbar.
  5. As you can see its broken

    How many platforms and users need to confirm the issue until is get recognized as issue?

If you make reports following the requested format they will go into Issue Reports. This one did not have a repro.

Also, it might help to adopt a kinder tone.

I tried your repro steps, unable to reproduce.

Okay and sorry for the tone. Feel frustrating getting ignored?
Thank you for taking time try to reproduce the issue Steve.

So it might have to do with NVIDIA card/driver, PC platform or format 1920 x1080 screen?
Sure no major issue, I can live with it. Only happens after loading project, once.

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