Mixer - Send to Reverb?

I’m still exploring all the capabilities of the Mixer and have been fiddling around with various plug-ins to improve playback audio. I seem to have lost the ability have a Send to Reverb in this file though:

It works fine in other files, so it’s obviously not some system configuration issue. I assume I did something dumb to “lose” it, but I don’t know this area of the program well enough to know how to get it back. Does anyone know how to add the Send to Fx Reverb back once it’s gone?

… and magically it’s back!

This is a little concerning though, as I don’t know why it vanished nor what I did to get it back. Can anyone explain the mystery of when the Fx Reverb Send is available? I was messing around with adding a FabFilter Pro-Q 3 EQ in front of the reverb (UAD Capitol Chambers) so I likely did something to get it to vanish/reappear, but would love to know what in case this happens again in the future.

I don’t think there’s any known route to get into the state where you can’t choose the reverb send channel, so it seems that there’s some event in the history of the file that means the internal routing didn’t quite get set up correctly. I would suggest re-applying the playback template to try to get back to the ‘known good state’, as this should recreate the routing settings.

Interesting! I just had it happen again on another file. I re-applied the playback template and it fixed it, but it trashed all my Mixer modifications. Are Mixer modifications and sends saved with a playback template somehow? I didn’t see any mention of that in the documentation.

No, those kinds of Mixer settings are not part of the playback template, so far as I know, but they will be reset when you apply a new playback template.

There’s no way to save a current Mixer configuration is there? Just curious because it would be kinda annoying to have to recreate a more complex Mixer configuration if it loses the Send, and then a new playback template has to be loaded. I sometimes have issues with Aria losing my Garritan instruments (been happening a long time and not just in Dorico) but I can save the configuration as an ensemble so it’s only one click to get it back.

My Mixer skills are still pretty rudimentary but if people are starting to have more complex setups in Dorico like a DAW, perhaps being able to save some sort of Mixer configuration, and copy it to other files could be useful. It would also prevent having to recreate a setup in this case where a Send is lost, as the configuration could just be reloaded.