Mixer Snapshot not working as it should

It recalled 3 snapshots fine but on the 4th it didn’t recall the mute states.
I deleted all snapshots, saved and reloaded the project and tried again, same thing, no mutes were remembered.
Anyone else with this problem?
One of the reasons I updated from V9 to V11 was for the snapshot capability and now it appears to be faulty.


Mute state is not part of the Snapshot.

Hi Martin, yes, I found that out after a bit more research.
I took it for granted that would be included in the snapshot as it’s such an obvious part of a mix.
Is there any plans to include this in the future?
Thank You


I’m sorry, I don’t know, or I’m not allowed to say… But I would expect, it would be implemented already. My expectation is, it works as specified. Actually, for me, Mute is also not part of the Mix. It’s just temporary for me. But it’s probably different working style.