Mixer Snapshots?

Are there long requested mixer snapshots in C6?

If not, here’s a request.

For reasons I won’t detail here, enabling the studio does not work for me. I use an analog mixer to send to my clients for overdubs. When they are overdubbing, they often require a different mix than when we playback. having a few mixer snapshot buttons at least for the faders and mutes would be very useful.


Are snapshots somehow different than this?
Cubase 5 pdf manual page 130 says:
Saving mixer settings
It is possible to save complete mixer settings for all or all
selected audio-related channels in the mixer. These can
later be loaded into any project. Channel settings are saved
as mixer settings files. These have the file extension “.vmx”.

Right-clicking somewhere in the mixer panel or in the
Channel Settings window brings up the context menu
where the following Save options can be found:
• “Save Selected Channels” will save all channel settings
for the selected channels.
Input/output routings are not saved.
• “Save All Mixer Settings” saves all channel settings for
all channels.
When you select any of the above options, a standard file
dialog opens where you can select a name and storage location
on your disk for the file.

Well, in the software that I’ve used in the (distant) past that had mixer snapshots. There were a few buttons right in the mixers GUI that you could assign the current mix configuration to. So, the “save mixer as” routine that you mention does do the same thing but not nearly as quickly or elegantly. The idea of opening a file dialogue box everytime I want to snap between mixes, speaks of a vibe killer for an overdub session, and doesn’t jibe too well with the whole marketing campaign for C6 ad being “faster” and “less mouse clicks”.

I think the first time I encountered this simple, useful tool was in Mackie’s first attempt at a DAW. I think it was called “Ultramix” or something like that, it may have even been the product before that.

I’m not asking for snapshots of EVERYTHING, inserts, effects sends and such. Just faders and mutes.

But perhaps I’m the only one working in this way…

You could assign Key commands to the save and load mixer settings, it’s not a button, but it would speed things up.