Mixer/Track Sync Question

Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to have ONE mixer sync to track selection and the others be independent? When I have all 3 mixers in use with a particular view and I choose another track I need to edit they ALL jump and I need them to stay with the current view in my workflow. As far as I’ve seen it’s either all sync or none do. Didn’t know if I was missing something. Especially from making a jump from v5 to v10.5/11 Pro. Quite a world of difference .

There are times when I want to see my Group tracks on one mixer as I scroll and edit the tracks in the main window. OR I turn of the Sync function and then have scroll the main window and THEN scroll the mixer as I make my tweaks.

Thanks for any help and pointers!

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IN the Inspector of the Project window, next to the Visibility tab, you can find the = symbol. Here you can define, which MixConsole should be in sync with the Project window.

Thank you soooo very much!! I figured I was missing a switch somewhere and didn’t see anything in Preferences except On or Off. I’m constantly being blown away by this program. Just amazing. I’ll be burning the midnight oil for sometime to come. Thanks again. Truly appreciated!!