Mixer Tracks Visiblilty When Moved From folder

Hello all

Long time Cubase user and just upgraded to 10.5 and absolutley loving it. The mixer colours and EQ comparison has already proven helpful and I am yet to play with the multitap.

After purchase I decided to create a new template to work from. So far everything is almost at a level I am happy with but I am struggling with one thing.

If I create a folder and add empty preconfigured audio tracks (these can’t be templates as they have multiple buss outputs assigned) and then go into the mixer and select to not see this folder, it keeps the mixer tidy and only showing active tracks. Now if I move a track out of the hidden folder to be used to record too the mixer does not update and recogine the track has been moved from a hidden folder and does not show in the mixer. It will show if I set it to show all tracks then hide the folder again.

Because I use an Mpd232 I have to set the amount of audio tracks up then assign the mixer controls.

Is this possible or am I going about this wrong?



When you disable the Folder visibility, all tracks in the folders become hidden too. So the track just gets the flag “hidden”. When you move the track out of the folder, the flag just doesn’t change. you have to show it manually.

Cheers Martin, I was hoping it would automatically remove the flag once moved.

I may look at a macro to do this.

Thanks bud.