Mixer Use with 3rd party VSTs

I’m having difficulty getting the mixer to work as I would expect - maybe there’s something I’m missing.

I’ve got an instance of Kontakt running with around 6 instruments in it, each to a separate channel. When I display the mixer, the channels are marked inconsistently:

Channel 1 is marked “Kt. st 1” followed by the instrument name below
The next 4 channels are marked “Kt. aux 1” through to 4, with 4 more of the instrument names
The 5th channel is marked “Ku[” with my 6th instrument name below
Then there are a series of 5 more “Ku[” with no instrument names.

None of the solo/mute controls on the named channels work as expected. the first seems to do nothing and when the subsequent ones are soloed, it cuts all instruments.

If I show the ‘MIDI’ instruments I can see a fader for each instrument, which does seem to work, but then there are no solo or mute functions available?

Surely this can’t be how this is supposed to operate?

Have you made sure that the internal routing of Kontakt is set up correctly? The Dorico mixer connects to the individual outputs of Kontakt, but Kontakt itself decides (or can be set up) what instrument or sound is routed to which internal output.