Mixer View

Ok, I still don’t get this…

Why can’t we extend the mixer view by another ‘panel’ vertically to include all the sends and inserts in one view? :imp:

I still have to scroll around endlessly between the ‘Inspector View’, the ‘VST Audio Channel Settings’ and the ‘Mixer’.

On the individual channels you can right click the insert and send icons - works great for the inserts (brings up a list of the inserts and then you chose which one to edit), but for the sends it brings up the actual effect plugin not the send amount! So, once again, you go mousing around the whole place… :cry:

The greatest, greatest single factor that draws the most complaints about Nuendo is the ‘WORKFLOW’. Protools kicks Nuendo’s ass in this area (two fundamental windows, that’s it). Oh, and of course, ‘import session data’!!!

Please tell me we are heading for a revision of this in N6…


Assign keys or hardware buttons to “view …” in the mixer

At the end of the day it’s faster than PT and the menu clicking to go btw assignments and send views.

Just try it.

Will do…

Kid Dropper,

ok, as I’ve done before, I’ve setup mixer views via my MC Control…

Open the mixer (action 1)with ‘Sends’ view (action 2). You see sends 1-8. When you adjust send levels you don’t get a level indication. For that you have to go to Sends 1-4 or 5-8(action 3). More mousing around or assigning of key commands.(On that screen there is tons of wasted space, once again.)

So, three actions in Nuendo to get the mixer to where I would have got with one action in Protools. I may be missing something major here. So, please, tell me what I’m doing wrong.


It’s a feature I’ve been requesting for many years.
A view like Yamaha Studio Manager mixer view is perfect for an overall set.

Maybe N6?

This also drives me crazy…

Click on a channel on the mixer - project window jumps to this track - great…

Click on a channel in the project window - mixer doesn’t jump to the track - you always have to ‘find’ the track in the mixer (even the MC Control and MC Mixes jump to the selected track, but not the VST Mixer)

I cannot repro this here. Mixer follows Editwindow, and Editwindow follows Mixer selection.

Undid all the preferences, saved, reset preferences, saved, restarted, and now it’s working as it should :wink:

Nope, not working correctly…

Domilik - if you have a project open with a bunch of tracks (more than +/- 40 tracks), try this.

In your mixer, select the first track.

Close your mixer.

In the project window select the last track in the project.

Open your mixer.

Is the last track visible on your mixer?

With me I still see the first track (unselected) and neighboring tracks. But, not the last track I selected in the project window…

So, if the mixer is closed, it doesn’t update and follow the project window track selection, nor the selection from the MC Mix and MC Control.

The mixer window has to be open to follow the selections…

OK, that might be. I always have the mixer opened on a seperate screen.

That is btw also why I’m feeling quite comfortable with those mixer-views. I have all mixer views assigned to 12 buttons on my mackie control, and switching is very fine, and for me even a bit faster than in pro tools, where I have to use the mouse.
Next to the mixer I always have opened the extended channel view (e), which always shows me up all parameters of the selected track. Thats something I really like, and which isn’t provided by PT!

Thanks for confirming Domilik…

I used to use 2 screens, but prefer to use one large one lower down… This doesn’t interfere with monitors and comb effects.

So, back to square one

Kid Dropper, so far your method works the best for me. Thanks for the input. :wink:

But, the

‘when the mixer is closed - it doesn’t follow track selection’

issue is driving me crazy!!! :imp:

Glad it’s working better for you.

I have a bank of midi buttons dedicated to the mixer view. (google Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol 1) For me, I just watch the picture. My edit/mixer windows are on a screen off to the side. Because my buttons are hard wired to my brain at this point, the correct view is front and center before I even turn my head. My edit/mix channels do follow each other in both windows but the majority of the time, I’m selecting channels on my hardware. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

I often don’t look at the mixer at all when I’m in the moment and working a scene. I use “auto select events under cursor” when I’m mixing and I always “events to part” my edits that will be treated as one thing. I have macro set up that will also add 1 second handles to the event. So now, I’m in the scene and character A reverb is a little too much… I know because of my prefs that as long as i’ve selected the track that he’s on… I hit my key for “locators to selection” (hardware) Open my autopanel and select preview etc (also hardware)… grab my knobs that are set up for my sends on my selected channels (hardware) and tweek till it’s right. Punch that in TO LOOP… and it’s done… I never looked at the edit or mixer window. I can often do this on the fly and just roll right through to the next scene.

The difference btw my work now and what it was like prior to this method is night and day. I’ll do this with EQ also, just get it to sound right and move on… sometimes I’ll look at those EQ’s and think … wow, good think I wasn’t looking at it cause I would have thought I was pushing too hard or whatever… I like to leave the creative brain in charge

Kid Dropper, I can see you have really set your system up well for your method of working. Brilliant!!

Now, I just wish that the mixer, whilst closed, would follow track selection in the project window…

Timo, Fredo - any thoughts on this??


I can repro your findings here on Nuendo 5.5.
Mixer doesn’t scroll while closed (tried with a 60 tracks project).